As you take a look at Greece, you cannot miss the peninsula of Halkidiki in the North.

A magnificent place, famous among Greeks and tourists, with soft golden sand, turquoise-coloured waters, and amazing beaches… like no other!


All around Pefkohori there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki.

Some of them can be found away from the crowds or either isolated, perfect for couples and small groups. There are also other, more organised beaches for those looking for a drink or a snack to accompany their tan under the sun. 

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In this article you will:

  • discover the best beach in and around Pefkochori and
  • see some amazing photos of those beaches


What makes Pefkohori beach one of the best in Halkidiki?

 Around 105km from Thessaloniki and 68km south of Poligiros lies Pefkochori.

This village has one of the best beaches on the peninsula but also a magnificent promenade to swim, sunbathe and stroll during the evening.


A fabulous sandy beach with amazing blue waters, fine gravel, gradual depth, and numerous bars, which can get very busy during summertime.


Pefkochori beach is suitable for all kinds of travellers seeking to enjoy the sun and get the perfect tan. There are “wilder” sections at the northern and southern ends, and the views across the gulf are spectacular offering the most impressive sunset and sunrises.

What is more, no many water sports are offered so water is calm most of the day.

Local tip: June, late August and September is the best time to fully appreciate the exotic-coloured beach.


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pefkohori beach in chalkidiki


Which are the best beaches near Pefkohori? 


Golden Beach (Chrisi Akti)

Golden Beach in Pefkochori is a place suitable for all ages and every type of visitor.


Popular among tourists, it gets loaded with visitors during summer, who are looking to enjoy its golden sand, azure water, and outstanding natural environment.


If you are looking to take in the laid-back vibe, the right setting for sunbathing, and to enjoy your refreshment with no worries, Golden Beach is a must.

Tip: Join one of the many DJ parties that could make your vacation memorable!


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golden beach in pefkohori chalkidiki


Xenia Beach

Just two kilometres away from Pefkochori, you can find the spectacular Xenia (Chrouso) beach, also known as Kanavitsa.


A combination of golden sun, azure waters, and greenery of pine trees makes it one of the most beautiful sites in Halkidiki.


Various beach bars can be found there beautifully arranged, under modern umbrellas accompanied by small tables, and spacious, with parking areas behind them.


Don’t worry about your children! Xenia Beach is a paradise for kids and safe for any activity.

 xenia paliouri beach near pefkohori halkidiki



Not far away from Pefkohori and at a close distance from Golden Beach, you can find the impressive beach of Glarokavos.


Α mythical combination of minerals, wind, and weather patterns that create a magical landscape that you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. An alluring lagoon, with shallow and crystal-clear water, mostly sandy with a few small pebbles, covered regionally by large trees offering shading areas.


With a small beach bar close by, you can find umbrellas and sunbeds, as other comfort facilities to relax and rest.


glarokavos beach near pefkohori halkidiki



Located just 3.5 km from Pefkochori, Hanioti is another option that won’t disappoint you. This beautiful beach is close to the homonymous picturesque tourist resort and it is perfect for a family vacation.


Near the beach, you will find cafes, restaurants, bars, and taverns, while the beach is fully equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. In addition, Hanioti is ideal for those wanting to try water sports, such as waterboard and jet ski.


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hanioti beach near pefkohori halkidiki


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