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Nevertheless, Pefkochori has managed to sustain part of its old history with narrow streets and traditional houses within it. A visit to the old square can take you back in time as you wander and admire the architecture and the vibe it creates. But the modern part of the town lies below the main street. Making it easy to combine both vacations and shopping in Pefkochori with the various stores, souvenir shops and bakeries that are present. Following that, visitors can approach the long and narrow promenade with the sandy beach and the transparent water at close distance. Here you can find from well – supplied groceries and supermarkets to great restaurants and bars. Also, you should definitely experience Pefkochori’s nightlife. Popular night clubs are mainly located in the northern part of the town.

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All in all, accommodation in Pefkochori at Kassiopeia Sea Home and Olia Seaside Residence, offers many possibilities for those who look for a vibrant summer place, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and excellent choices for shopping and entertainment. And for a change, you can visit the charming villages of Polichrono and Chanioti by car, not far from Pefkochori.