Find the best places for shopping in Pefkohori from the website of Apartment Chalkidiki

A wide range of businesses that are able to provide you souvenirs and gifts could be found in Pefkochori and Kassandra. Apart from the typical, sometimes mass-manufactured souvenirs, there are many quality alternatives you can discover in Pefkochori’s shops. Particularly, there are small businesses that have enclosed aromas and scents from Greece into small bottles, making them the perfect choice for visitors and locals.

Find the best supermarkets in Pefkohori from the website of Apartment Chalkidiki

In addition, you can discover a great number of natural Greek products by shopping in Pefkochori like spices, herbs, olives, traditional sweets, or soaps that would make you keep your summer memories intact through the years! Finally, if you want something more mainstream to remember your trip, but of great quality, you can search it in the various supermarkets of Pefkochori.