Learn about the top bakeries in Pefkohori from Apartment Chalkidiki

Bakery & Pastry

Based on your mood and preferences, you can find perfect bread products like pies, bagels, cakes and many more to use for your breakfast or brunch in one of the many bakeries in Pefkochori.

Street Food

As time goes by, you might feel in the mood for a delicious meal on the go and taste gyros, which is considered as one of the most popular Greek delicacies! There are plenty of places to cover your appetite, so take a walk in the area to find the best gyros in Pefkochori. Another option is to savor a Pizza made from fresh vegetables and local ingredients. There are plenty of choices for pizza in Pefkochori that can please your desire!

Learn about the finest gyros in Pefkochori from Apartment Chalkidiki
Find the best restaurants in Pefkochori from Apartment Chalkidiki


If you want to sit back and offer yourself relaxing moments with a view over the Aegean Sea, Pefkochori has many restaurants that can serve you with excellent plates and great hospitality. You may find some of the best restaurants in Pefkochori in front of the sea, with a panoramic view of Toroneos Gulf, to quench your thirst with a glass of ouzo and to relish great meat dishes or seafood, in affordable prices.